It all started with a position as jobmanager in a tattoo shop in India were she has been working for two years.

After finishing her Bachelors Degree there, she returned to Germany and is a continous part of the studio since then. She worked her way up from simple jobs all the way to performing tricky piercings.

A solid apprenticeship lasting over the course of several years at Trust Dresden (formerly known as „Stichcode Neustadt“) and a calm and caring work attitude are the basis of her work.

Next to her job as Bodypiercer she does tattoo consulatation.

2015 & 2016 were the first years for her to provide customers of the Dresden Tattoo Convention with Piercings. Working along her colleagues at the two storey Trust booth.

Also in 2015 she made her way to Las Vegas to work as a sponsored volunteer at the Conference of the American Association of professional Piercers.


2012 BMX Net Essen
(„Succesful stretching“, „Marketing & Communication“, Female genital Piercing“, „Dermal Punch“, „History of Bodymodification“, „Managing difficult clients“, „Sterilization and studio hygiene“ etc.)

2014 Workshop: Piercing jewelry / Material knowledge held by Wildcat / Cologne

2015 in Las Vegas / USA, as the only the german scholar:
Advanced education & volunteer work / American Association of Professional Piercers

2015 BMX Net Essen
(„Anodizing is awesome“, „female genital Piercings“, „Scarification“, „History of suspension in south east Asia“, „Needles – the cutting edge“ etc.)

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